Europe to the Great Lakes

Transatlantic and Great Lakes with the Polish Steamship Company

Duluth Great Lakes, Freighter Cruise Europe to the Great Lakes

Transatlantic and Great Lakes cargo ship cruise with the Polish Steamship Company.  Join one of 5 ships and sail from the Netherlands to Burns Harbor (Indiana USA) through the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence Seaway or do the voyage in reverse. Passengers can choose among 3 basic services as listed below.


Holland, Freighter Cruise Europe to the Great Lakes

Cleavland, USA - Freighter Cruise Europe to the Great Lakes

Option 1. Full round Trip - “Tramp” service: from 45 to 70 days
Option 2. Europe to Great Lakes: from 16 to 21 days
Option 3. Great Lakes to Europe “Tramp” service:  25 to 30 days
From April to November only.

As per below. Rates include meals and deviation insurance – voyage duration varies according to cargo. Port Taxes of $250.00 per person to be added to voyage cost. 

EnquireTo Book or Enquire

Call: 02 8270 4899

We recommend booking 3 - 6 months in advance to ensure you secure the dates you desire.

These ships were built in Japan between 1999 and 2000 and can accommodate 6 passengers. The ships are 35,000 tons and are geared bulk carriers taking wheat etc to Europe or North Africa. The crew is Polish. English is spoken on board.

Ports of Call

Option 1. Full round Trip - “Tramp” service
Tariff: from US$6200 per person
Boarding: in Europe or North America
This trip is classified as a “Tramp” service as the European ports are not known until closer to the sailing date and can include ports in the Med, North Africa, the Black Sea or the Baltic. Passengers booking the Eastbound voyage need to have a sense of adventure and the utmost flexibility in regard to duration away. There is no guarantee that any particular port will be called at on any particular voyage.  

Option 2. Europe to Great Lakes
Tariff: from US$1900
Duration: Approx 16 to 21 days
Ports of call:
Ljmuiden (Holland)
Cleveland (Ohio)
Burns Harbor (Indiana)

Option 3. Great Lakes to Europe - “Tramp” service
Duration: Approx  25/30 days
“Tramp” service ports may include: Burns Harbour (Indiana) or Thunder Bay (Ontario) or Duluth (Minnesota) or other Great Lakes ports to 1st discharge port in the Med, North Africa, Black Sea  or Baltic Sea.  
Ship substitutions:  depending on cargo requirements, other passenger carrying vessels may be substituted from time to time.
All passengers must have a tourist visa for America – please contact this office for other countries.
No injections are necessary.
Travel insurance are compulsory.
Passengers must be in possession of a valid passport with at least 6 months validity.

Cancellation by the passenger for any reason is subject to the following cancellation charges (subject to shipping company):

up to 61 days prior to departure - from AUD500 to loss of deposit paid
60 to 30 days prior to departure - 25% of the fare
30 to 01 days prior to departure - 50% of the fare
No refund is available when cancellation advice is received on the day of departure or once the voyage has commenced.    No refund is paid for early disembarkation.

You must have comprehensive Travel Insurance which will include cancellation cover due to medical, family crisis and other substantial reasons not to travel.