About us

Unique and diverse sea voyages that Freighter Expeditions offer, are once in a lifetime travel experiences. The joys of learning, time at sea and the casual yet simple offerings provide for self sufficiency whilst leaving you open minded in every sense of the word.

Freighter Expeditions (formally Freighter Cruises) began operating in Australia in the late 1980’s and has now expanded its operation to incorporate all forms of sea voyage holidays, including Expedition cruising.

Freighter cruising is enormously relaxing and you arrange your own touring when in port. By contrast, when you join an Expedition voyage, your shore excursions are arranged prior and you will have the added benefit of an on-board lecturer each day.  These vessels carry between 40 to 100 passengers, provide comfortable lounges, substaintial meals ans some vessels even have an outdoor pool.

A small ship experience will give you the opportunity to visit small bays and sail closer to the shore than larger vessels. Viewing wildlife from a vantage point close to shore will proivde an unparalleled thrill.

Freighter Expeditions is part of the Concierge Travel Group, formerly known as The Leggett Travel Group, a long established GSA, wholesaler and retailer with over 30 years of successful travel services delivery.  Our Cruise Master Julie Richards has also been listed in the top 25 International Cruise Council Australasia (ICCA) cruise consultants.

Apart from Freighter Expeditions, we own and operate a number of specialist leisure businesses. They include:





Our head office is at:
Level 3, 332 Kent Street,
Sydney, Australia