Freighter cruise FAQs


Travelling by cargo ship is a fascinating way to see the world. You'll need to keep in mind the few tips below though - most importantly - book early!


  • Many ships only have 2 to 4 cabins so you will usually need to book up to 6 months in advance to get the trip that you want in the month that you want to depart in.
  • The ships are working vessels so you will be mixing with the Captain & crew.
  • There are 2 shipping companies that currently call into Australia with departures every month to Asia. From Asua you can pick up a different ship to the USA, Central America & Europe. Alternatively you could fly to Asia or Europe and join ships there.
  • You can do segments, one way or round trips (depending on the journey).
  • Prices include meals, accommodation & port fees.
  • You must be under 77 or 80 (depending on the shipping line) to do a cargo ship cruise.


Why isn't there a regular schedule of departures & availability for cargo ships like there is for regular cruise ships?

A: Cargo ships earn their main income from shifting cargo and they were never designed for paying passengers. Their schedule will depend on factors such as current import and export trends and there are far fewer cabins per leg (usually less than 3 versus thousands!) so they fill up much more quickly.

What currency do you use on board?

A: USD dollars - money required would be to pay for alcohol/phone calls from the ship.


Can I bring alcohol on board?

A: This depends on the shipping company. On voyages run by CMA CGM no alcohol is allowed on board.

What voltage is used on board?

A: 220v - The plugs have 2 round prongs (European style) so you will probably need a converter.

Is there a shop on board?

A: There is usually a small shop with limited items. It really is not so much of a shop but a store room which would have tooth paste or Kleenex etc. You should really should bring what you need or you can buy it when ashore.

Is there Internet / Wi-Fi on board?

A: No. As they are not normal cruise ships, Internet is not generally available. On many ships you will be able to get a unique email address to use on the Captain's computer (or there may be one in the lounge area) for the duration of your voyage. You will pay for data usage.

Is there a telephone on board?

A: Yes generally there will be some sort of satellite phone. You will need to buy a phone card off the Captain.

Can I take a bicycle with me?

A: You usually can, but we need to ask the shipping agent for you.

Can I take a dog on board?

A: No pets are not allowed.

Can I travel with children?

A: Only over 6 years old.

Do I need vaccinations?

A: Yes -Yellow fever is compulsory.

Where are the meals served?

A: You eat your meals with the officers.

Are the cabins serviced?

A: They are cleaned weekly.

Can I have visitors on board?

A: We need to ask permission for you.

Can I inspect the ships before travelling whilst in port?

A: We need to ask permission if you are allowed.

How long are the stops at each port?

A It depends on the loading or un-loading of goods. It can be 12 hours or longer.

Is there a restriction on age to travel on a cargo ship?

A: The shipping companies restrict travel to persons under 80 years old.

I want to send cargo to Europe / America / Asia.... Can I travel with my own cargo?
A: It is possible. Once you have secured your own travel booking then you must organise with your freight forwarding company to get your cargo onto that ship. We advise to book your travel well in advance in order to organise this in time. Note: We only organise passenger travel and do not handle freight forwarding.