Freighters at night

A unique cruising adventure.

Freighter ships are the perfect way to enjoy a journey by sea at a more relaxed pace than the big cruise liners. You call into ports that others never see, you experience life on-board a cargo ship, mixing with the Captain and Officers every day. You can go onto the bridge to see your daily progress across the oceans of the world and enjoy being at sea without the distractions of conventional cruise ships and certainly not having to dress up for dinner! 


Pitcairn Island

Pitcairn Island - 2017 dates just announced!

The MV Claymore II is Pitcairn Island’s dedicated Passenger and Cargo ship chartered by the Pitcairn government to provide supply runs from Mangareva, Tahiti from February to December. This 486 ton ship has a crew of 8 and you need to book early. You will need to fly to Tahiti and overnight and then catch a flight over to Mangareva, on arrival you will be met and ferried over to your ship waiting in the harbour. Our office can arrange a fly/cruise package for you.

Click here to visit our Pitcairn Island page for more information.


Freighter Expeditions specialises in unique and diverse sea voyages that are once in a lifetime travel experiences. The joys of learning, time at sea and the casual yet simple offerings provide for self sufficiency whilst leaving you open minded in every sense of the word. To experience the world like few other travellers ever do you'll need to book early. These journeys truely are limited editions.



Cairns to Thursday Island on the Trinity Bay

The MV "Trinity Bay" is an 80 metre passenger carrying cargo vessel that has accommodation for up to 48 passengers and operates a weekly all year service between Cairns and Thursday Island through the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

Hong Kong to NZ via Noumea in 21 days

Sail on the Aranui V around Tahiti

 Sail from Papeete into the Tahitian Archipelago.

The ship carries food/fuel/trucks and up to 260 passengers to the islands that do not have a airport. There are 17 voyages scheduled for 2016.